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How We Hire

Resume Screening

You have submitted your resume. Well done! We will now review it and get back to you with our feedback.

Recruiter Screen

In the first call our recruiter will learn more about you and your story to check a potential fit for gravity9. This is also an opportunity for you to ask your questions about the role and company. This step might take around 60 mins.

Tech Interview

In this meeting your future teammates will take a deeper dive into your experience and what you could bring to the team. You can expect questions on how knowledgeable you are in the technology area. This step will take around 60 mins.

*Please note that for some roles the interview time may vary. It might also be necessary to do another tech interview to cover more areas.

Final Interview

You made it to the very last stage! Here we already strive to cooperate with you, and give you an opportunity to meet our leadership team during this informal talk. This step will take around 30 mins.

Good to Know

Is it possible to work remotely?

Absolutely. Working remotely is a big part of life at gravity9 and we enjoy the flexibility that it brings! We choose to not have a strict requirement on time in the office because we want this to remain fluid with each team member deciding where they will do their best work. That being said, we still value the worth that comes from getting together in person and client-facing team members may occasionally be asked to visit a client office for a few days of face-to-face collaboration. Those who wish to are also very welcome to work from a gravity9 office with others in the team!

What are the working hours?

Our working hours generally take place during 8am and 6pm but we empower our team to flex their work hours if preferred. Need to run an errand or do a school pick up? That’s fine, we understand the need to balance our personal commitments and we count on our team members to plan and communicate their time effectively, so it isn’t disruptive to their work. Overall, for most of the work you do, we don’t expect you to be in constant communication throughout the entire day with someone but being dependently available is key and you should let your team know if you need to take an unusually long break.

What project can I join?

Our project portfolio is diverse as we don’t limit ourselves to a particular industry. However, it is always changing so it’s hard to predict! To match you with a suitable project, we look at your skills profile and the roles that are available. If you have a preference, we also take this into account and try to accommodate where possible.

Does gravity9 offer any benefits?

Yes! Benefits vary depending on location and type of employment. You will have an opportunity to discuss this with your recruiter during the interview, or you can ask for details by email.

What does career progression look like in gravity9?

We see career progression as an ongoing journey of continuous learning and growth which gives us the tools that we need to achieve our career goals. We encourage this in different ways, such as giving employees up to 5 days off each year to do training or study for an exam, covering the cost of various certifications related to Azure and MongoDB, and providing access to Pluralsight’s course library. Our people are also aligned to a Career Coach and a core aspect to this role is to keep the conversation going around development and help identify growth opportunities for our people.

Who are gravity9's clients?

We work with large companies from North America and Europe. Our clients operate in various industries, such as real estate, civil engineering, human resources and finance. We are also a MongoDB partner-we are helping to bring an end-to-end application modernization approach to companies that are looking to use MongoDB as their data platform.

What tech stack do we use?

Each project is different, but we specialize in .NET web applications. Our tech stack is .NET Core, React.js/Angular, Azure, microservices architecture, Docker and Kubernetes. We are also building a Java application with MongoDB, Spring Boot, AWS, Kafka, Docker and Kubernetes. We are working in Scrum methodology.

Meet the Recruitment Team

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Klaudia Lewandowska

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Maciej Kunysz

Talent Acquisition Lead

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We trust in our people. gravity9 was created to provide an environment for great creatives and technologists to do their best work for our clients.